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A flexible and tax-advantaged way to save for higher education and career training.

"Back-to-school" will be "back-to-college" before you know it.

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Why the Edvest 529 College Savings Plan?

We offer a wide range of benefits that aim to meet your college savings needs—whatever they are and whenever they happen.

Unique tax advantages

100% tax-deferred growth and Wisconsin taxpayers can reduce their state taxable income by up to $3,860 per beneficiary, per year for married/joint filers.

Limitations apply.1

Range of
investment portfolios

Investment portfolios to fit your life situation, risk tolerance and savings goals.


Families can pay for a range of qualified educational expenses, withdraw money as needed and even transfer funds to eligible beneficiaries.2

Low fees and expenses

Edvest 529 is among the lowest cost 529 plans in the country, which can mean more money for college.3

A history of helping families meet their college savings goals

Established history

Helping Wisconsin families save for education for more than 25 years.

Trusted by thousands

Managing more than $4.7 billion in assets in more than 222,000 accounts as of 6/30/2023.4

College Savings Leader

More than 18,000 accounts opened yearly.4

It takes only 15 minutes and $25 to start saving for college

Step 1

Learn and explore

Learn how the Edvest 529 College Savings Plan works, its benefits and how the funds can be used.

How our 529 plan works

Step 2

Pick a portfolio

Choose investment portfolios that fit your needs and goals.

Investment portfolios

Step 3

Start saving

Open your Edvest 529 College Savings Plan account today and begin contributing to your child’s future.

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